Efficient cooling of thw injection moul is one of the most import pre-requisites[...]

Press release „K“- Show 2019 NOLDEN Regelsysteme

Efficient cooling of the injection mould is one of the most important pre-requisites for high quality, dimensionally stable parts, as everyone working in injection moulding business knows well. That’s why monitoring the cooling water flow is of major importance not only for quality, but also for economics, as cycle time depends naturally on cooling in the first place. With bridges on all cooling ducts, one can read the flow parameters on the cooling device, but what if you want to improve cooling effectiveness by taking away the bridges?

„More and more, our customers use separate cooling water distributers on both sides of 
the mould“, states Hans Werner Müller, CEO of NOLDEN Regelsysteme GmbH.“Particularly in automotive business, low cycle time is key to ensure a cost-effectiveproduction process, but this is very hard to reach with bridges, that means serial water flow on all cooling ducts in the mould. By the way, the same is true in all businesses, where thin wall parts must get unmolded in short time, not only in the automotive sector.”

That’s why NOLDEN Regelsysteme in Meckenheim, Germany, has developped an integrated cooling water monitoring system inside the hotrunner controller, which can be installed in all NR8000 and NR7000 controll systems. Even the new, very compact NR8000 mini with 4, 6 or 8 zones, which is being officially introduced to the public at “K”-show, can be equipped with cooling surveillance. The basis of that new system is the proven “ORCA” water distributor with ultrasonic flow sensors, that are completely immune to water pollution.

„After internal mould cavity pressure monitoring, sequential valve gate control and servo drives, cooling water survey was the next logical step”, concludes Müller. “What we call the NOLDEN multi function concept, that means control and surveillance of all relevant mould functions in one single box, always gets more and more complete. Our customers especially appreciate that the system can move from one injection moulding machine to another. Of course, you can order your machines with “all-inclusive” equipment, but this comes at a quite high price. Or, often we talk about existing, but proven machines, where an upgrade with additional functions would be way too expensive.”

By the way, always on board of all NOLDEN touchscreen devices is the innovative, very precise temperature control „evoControl“ using artificial neural networks, already presented on last FAKUMA show and standard on all units since then.

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